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280°c 480°c felt Calm Industrial Felt felt roll

280°c 480°c felt Calm Industrial Felt felt roll
  • 280°c 480°c felt Calm Industrial Felt felt roll
  • 280°c 480°c felt Calm Industrial Felt felt roll

280°c 480°c felt Calm Industrial Felt felt roll

Beige 280掳C
Finished products Conveyor Roller
Finished products conveyor roller
Initial table conveyor roller (high Temp)
Initial table conveyor roller(middle temp. zone)
Custom made
41 43 44 45 49 50 51 60-63 76 77 80-82 90 95 100-102 114 115 120 127
Any length
Hard type
No resin treatment/semi-resin/fully resin
Standard size
Custom made
Working Temp
The nomex felt roller from Extrusion Parts are a great addition to our aluminum extrusion plant process.
Mostly suitable for
Mostly use for the output table after the straightening machine(Middle temp Zone)
Packing way
1.Wrap with plastic film 2.Put in the carton
Shipping way
Lead time
About one week
Needle punched
Company Advantages
1. Our company has established itself as a leading manufacturer, trader, and supplier of felt roll in the market.
2. With felt tube, punctuality and market understanding of our professionals, we are meeting a large number of clients' demands. The timing belts that we manufacture are widely popular for its durability and strength
3. We use premium grade raw material sourced from trusted vendors to ensure better functionality of the speed belts, Calm Industrial Felt Is Always Providing Customers With Best seamless felt rollers And The Best Service.
4. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. has eliminated the black felt roll and replaced it with industrial felt rolls that helps eliminate the risk of danger. We offer quality felt strips , which is a versatile material of Mechanical & engineering industry, as it can be used to confirm a specific size, a specific thickness & specific shape.
5. The Kevlar felt roller creates a white felt roll that's ideal for felt rolls for sale. Depending upon the application, these felts are available in different level of hardness as low, medium and hard felts.
Nomex felt roller can resist temperature up to 280℃,and mainly used in the storage area of heavy duty extruders(more than 2500T) .                                                          The profile from a heavy duty extruder is comparable thicker,and the temperature is likely sitll over 180℃ after the second stage cooling table

Middle-temp.Felt roller/tube. Only suitable for the output table after the straightening machine (Middle Temp Zone)

Calm-brand seamless felt roller series is specially developed for the customers who have a high requirment for surface.Advantages of Calm-brand roller:It resists to rasing,unevenness,scaling,aluminum pollution and other defects.With smooth surface,the product adopts advanced new technology and is more surable and cost-effective.It is especially suitable for the production of high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surface.

Company Features
1. Welcome To Visit Our Factory! Calm Industrial Felt Has The Most Kinds Of felt roll, black felt roll, industrial felt rolls For Customers To Choose From. Pls Contact Us As We Will Give You Our Lowest Quotations.
2. Available in various sizes, our felt tube can also be customized as per the specifications, provided by our clients.

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