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Calm Industrial Felt Brand 37cm 500℃ Kevlar gloves for metal casting 3.5Grade Finger shape

Calm Industrial Felt Brand 37cm 500℃ Kevlar gloves for metal casting 3.5Grade Finger shape

Glove gloves
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Kevlar gloves
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
metal extrusion,metal casting,glass hot working,industrial oven,industrial tunnel furnace ,industrial electric welding,metal smelt,ceramics producing,solar energy battery producing and other high temperature working enviroment.
Packing way
carton specification is 32cm*42cm*52cm,each one pack with Anti-ultraviolet light aluminum film,18 pairs pack in a carton.
Shipping way
Lead time
one week
Company Advantages
1. Kevlar gloves is designed to give customers Kevlar gloves for metal casting and gloves for high temperature working environment. Our products are featured by high density and rub resistance
2. A pool of highly creative and sincere ballproof Kevlar gloves greatly supports us in meeting all the demands of respectable customers. Use of high graded raw material and sophisticated machines in the production process ensures high quality of our felt
3. Through investing in our Heat resistance Kevlar gloves teams that are built on a foundation of exceptional teamwork and individual competency, we are able to provide a versatile and competitive manufacturing solution. We offer quality felt strips , which is a versatile material of Mechanical & engineering industry, as it can be used to confirm a specific size, a specific thickness & specific shape

Style No.LengthColorHeat resistanceFlexibilityFinger shape
GP5237cmYellow5003.5GradeOne big thumb

Fabric and advantage:Kevlar on palm,back and wrist part(it is the raw material to make ballproof  and firefighter clothes and high class brake block),

heat resistance is 500,the reinforce part is Kevlar heat protection non woven cloth,the heat resistance meets the CE standard grade 4 of the European unit.;

with top heat resistance and cut proof,high flexibitility.

Packing:carton specification is 32cm*42cm*52cm,each one pack with Anti-ultraviolet light aluminum film,18 pairs pack in a carton.

Usage::metal extrusion,metal casting,glass hot working,industrial oven,industrial tunnel furnace ,industrial  electric welding,metal smelt,ceramics producing,

solar energy battery producing and other high temperature working enviroment.

Company Features
1. Calm Industrial Felt has a technology, value, and service solution that guarantees satisfaction.
2. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. is focused on perfect solutions to the Kevlar gloves. Welcome To Visit Our Factory!

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