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Calm Industrial Felt Brand belt timing timing thin felt strips

Calm Industrial Felt Brand belt timing timing thin felt strips

H12.7 T10 HPD14m
Off white
Finished products Conveyor Roller
felt belt
Custom made
Custom made
Custom made
Hard type
Silica treated
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
Mostly suitable for the aluminum profiles with the high quality surface requirement,avoid the loss in second operation's and transit bumps or rub when in roduction.
Packing way
1.Wrap with plastic film 2.Put in the carton
Shipping way
Lead time
About one week
Needle punched
Company Advantages
1. Features: Excellent performance Reliable operation Less power consumption
2. felt strips are more likely to attract customers or to make repeat purchases. Our products have great durability
3. thin felt strips have highly marketable applications in white felt strips area. Our PBO felt roller can resist high temperature up to 600℃
4. With the performance of belt stripbeing applied, Calm Industrial Felt gains wide population. Offering durable and consistent performance, these rollers can also be custom developed by us as per the specifications provided by the customers
5. The Customer Focus Team is how we structure the services that Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. offers to our customers. The aging furnace felt can withstand temperature from 280°C to 180°C
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Timing Belt

Model: H12.7, T10、HPD14m

1.T10 Belt-felt bonding

2.H12.7 Belt-felt bonding

3.HPD14m Belt-PVC bonding

Select PVC bonding or felt bonding for room temp.Conveyor

PVC seamless steel structure timing belt

bonding type with felts

PE seamless steel structure timing belt

PE+PE bonding type

Company Features
1. As the leading brand of felt strips field, Calm Industrial Felt has been striving to be the top among many enterprises.
2. The structural and process design improvements, combined with our quality system have enabled Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. to exceed industry standards.
3. If you have a tight delivery deadline to meet, or have been let down by an average haulier at the last minute, contact us now for the immediate despatch of one of our vehicles. Contact Us!

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