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pbokevlar600°c 480°c felt roll high Calm Industrial Felt

pbokevlar600°c 480°c felt roll high Calm Industrial Felt

White 180°C
100% Polyester
Finished products Conveyor Roller
Polyester conveyor felt roller
Initial table conveyor roller (high Temp)
Initial table conveyor felt roller
Custom made
41 43 44 45 49 50 51 60-63 76 77 80-82 90 95 100-102 114 115 120 127
Any length
Hard type
Treated with Silica
Standard size
Custom made
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
Mostly use for finished saw table and room-temperature roller(Low temp Zone)
Packing way
1.Wrap with plastic film 2.Put in the carton
Shipping way
Lead time
About one week
Needle punched
Company Advantages
1. It is widely known that Calm Industrial Felt is specialized in felt roll industry.
2. Pls Visit Our Website Without Hesitation, Offering durable and consistent performance, these rollers can also be custom developed by us as per the specifications provided by the customers,The Quality And Materials Of Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. 'S black felt roll Are Well Guaranteed, We Promise To Meet Customers' Requirement.
3. These materialspossess a unique combination of characteristics including excellent resistance to prolongedhigh temperature exposure, excellent abrasion resistance and a smooth surface which doesnot scratch Aluminium profiles, Calm Industrial Felt Is Engaged In The Research, Development And Production Of felt tube Industry.
4. Surveys show that our seamless felt rollers are widely used in industrial felt rolls field with such properties as white felt roll. These products are well designed and ensure long lasting flawlessness. Colorfastness, durability and perfect dying are considered as some of the salient features of these products
5. We are looked upon as the most prominent Kevlar felt roller manufacturer and exporter from domestic. Our designed Felt Strip is appreciated amongst the clients for its strength and precise thickness
product description

Low temp.Felt roller .Only suitable for use of finished saw table and room-temperature roller(Low Temp Zone).This cover has Polyester cords with properties of chemical resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and its instantaneous temperature resistance is 180 °C .Polyester  rollers are capable of withstanding operating temperatures of up to 180˚ C. Low cost, long life and a soft surface make this product a perfect solution for low temperature extrusion conveying, and processing applications.When the profile reaches the storage area after the cooling table,the temperature is lowered to less than 50℃,which is completely within temperature range of polyester roller sleeve .

Calm-brand seamless roller series is specially developed for the customers who have a high requirment for surface.Advantages of Calm-brand roller:It resists to rasing,unevenness,scaling,aluminum pollution and other defects.With smooth surface,the product adopts advanced new technology and is more surable and cost-effective.It is especially suitable for the production of high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surface.

Company Features
1. We hold expertise in manufacturing and importing a qualitative range of felt roll. - Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. has obtained ISO14001 environmental management system .
2. Accompanied by a strong sense of black felt roll, Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. only produces felt tube equipped with the function of industrial felt rolls.
3. After precise manufacturing, Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. is capable of providing white felt roll. - We will never be content with past achievements for seamless felt rollers. Inquiry!

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