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 timing belt Calm Industrial Felt thin felt strips belt

timing timing belt Calm Industrial Felt thin felt strips belt

H12.7 T10 HPD14m
Off white
Finished products Conveyor Roller
felt belt
Custom made
Custom made
Custom made
Hard type
Silica treated
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
Mostly suitable for the aluminum profiles with the high quality surface requirement,avoid the loss in second operation's and transit bumps or rub when in roduction.
Packing way
1.Wrap with plastic film 2.Put in the carton
Shipping way
Lead time
About one week
Needle punched
Company Advantages
1. thin felt strips and white felt strips make our products exquisite and durable. Moreover, our range is available in different colors that can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of the clients
2. With the help of our wide distribution network we can easily reach to our clients in time. These products are designed with round shape tooth profile for its high power transmission
3. The offered cabinets have gained huge popularity from felt strips of the country for their long life and premium quality. The aging furnace felt can withstand temperature from 280°C to 180°C
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Timing Belt

Model: H12.7, T10、HPD14m

1.T10 Belt-felt bonding

2.H12.7 Belt-felt bonding

3.HPD14m Belt-PVC bonding

Select PVC bonding or felt bonding for room temp.Conveyor

PVC seamless steel structure timing belt

bonding type with felts

PE seamless steel structure timing belt

PE+PE bonding type

Company Features
1. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. has now excelled in felt strips area. - Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. is equiped with the latest machine tools to supply the customer with the most accurate components and features. Calm Industrial Felt
2. With our full lifecycle of thin felt strips capability of products and services we can solve any belt strip requirement our clients have at a speed to market that is second to none.
3. Serving a broad assortment of industries, Calm Industrial Felt Belt-felt bonding are developed by our professionals using optimum grade material. - These Belt-PVC bonding are fabricated using quality raw materials and advanced production technology.

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