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A little knowledge of high temperature seamless conveyor felt belt


We should know some basic knowledge for the conveyor felt belt we use usually.

Here compiled the following 3 points to tell you some little knowledge :


1. when the data of the twist factor is the twist of progress, progress, like wire into a spiral spring, loop number, the lower the modulus, fatigue resistance function better. On the canvas, progressive fine yarn twist, and the progress of canvas latitude and curl, as to a wire winding like water line the same, so that the wire has become the same with spring, fall material modulus, the fatigue resistance of progress.


2. the higher the modulus of the material, the more it needs to reduce the modulus of the material by increasing its twist and improve its fatigue resistance


3. tightening the greater amount of information more simple exhaustion, austerity on data damage is greater. The multilayer transmission belt in the data frame, through the front of the drum, it was between each layer of tensile force effect, just stretching is not the same; crimp degree is low, high tensile modulus of the canvas on the drum. If the canvas deformation not, will make the inner canvas tightening attack wrinkle, inner canvas no longer accept tensile stress. The effect of tension all originally in charge of transport to the outer layer, formed more pressure by the tension of the outer canvas, and the bottom layer in the outer layer of the pressure effect, was a lot of tightening force that is. There are people trying to use glass fiber cloth production of multi layer conveyor belt, reason and glass fiber cloth tend to tear, because it is in the power roller conveyor belt contact the entire conveyor belt stress is the biggest local, if this inner canvas full Austerity is not in charge of the force, the outer canvas a tear, drum, stress is large fluctuation decreased, so in the replacement of tensile and compressive stress effect, the lower the degree of crimp, replace the ups and downs of the larger, which will seriously affect the service life of the conveyor belt.