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Aluminum consumption prospects are optimistic, aluminum prices are expected to continue strong


Aluminum consumption prospects are optimistic, aluminum prices are expected to continue strong

Since June, Shanghai aluminum and aluminum part of the leading shares are recorded larger gains, the assets become the performance cycle star variety. Analysts believe that the current for the heating season "environmental policy remains to be force, and this is probably an important theme of aluminum prices keep rates become strong, the future investment is still the concept of aluminum have a chance.


Aluminum prices still rise in space

This year, under the influence of supply side reform and environmental protection policies, the domestic prices of industrial products have strong non-ferrous metals market overall warming. Among them, the price of aluminum were particularly strong, from the beginning of 13100 yuan / ton rose to the current 16300 yuan / ton, Shanghai aluminum futures contract rose about 25%, was the highest during the highest price since 2012. The London market performed slightly worse than the Shanghai aluminum .A stock market, the concept of leading shares China aluminum hit from "king of loss to profit growth of ten times the price doubled" investment myth ".

In mid April this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry, Ministry of land and resources. The Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued a notice to rectify the" clean aluminum industry illegal projects special action program ", to further standardize the investment order, strict management and strict control of new capacity; in addition, the introduction of the national environmental protection Bureau" Tianjin and surrounding areas in 2017 Air pollution control program of work > also affect the electrolytic aluminum market. An Tai expects the second half of 2017 China electrolytic aluminum production growth will accelerate the decline of.12 China electrolytic aluminum production is expected to reach 2 million 830 thousand tons, back to the level of early 2016; annual aluminum production is expected to 36 million 400 thousand tons, an increase of 11.5. At the same time, the domestic electrolytic aluminum market monthly supply and demand from the beginning of the fourth quarter significant shortage, but the market is still 830 thousand tons of excess. "Policy is 

still the biggest market aspect, aluminum prices exist further upside possible." An Tai, analysts said, to benefit from the supply side reforms, since the beginning of the production of electrolytic aluminum business profits improved significantly, some manufacturers profit in recent years in aluminum smelting to the best period. However, the profit change driven by foreign aluminum production rose steadily. Anteko analysis, in addition to the United States, Australia and other high cost in the electrolytic aluminum The national production of negative growth, the remaining area of electrolytic aluminum production over the same period have different degrees of recovery. At the same time, some years of shutting down production capacity of electrolytic aluminum has resumed production in brewing, and the new electrolytic aluminum project also gradually accelerate the construction progress.

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