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Aluminum extruded Theory


Aluminum extruded is imposed the outside force to the metal germ material which put in the container(extruded tube),make it to flow out from the special mold hole,that is one way for the plastic process to be the requisite fracture surface shape and specification.

The composing of the aluminum extruded machine:

The aluminum extruded machine is composed of engine base,frontal column frame,tension column,extrusion cylinder,a hydraulic system by electrical control,the other is equipped with mold base,thimble,scale plate,plate etc.

Classification of extrusion methods for aluminum profiles

According to the direction of extrusion: forward extrusion, backward extrusion, lateral extrusion

According to the deformation characteristics: plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, general three-dimensional deformation extrusion

According to the state of lubrication: no lubrication, extrusion, lubrication, extrusion, ideal lubrication extrusion

According to the extrusion temperature: cold extrusion, hot extrusion, warm extrusion

According to the extrusion speed: low speed extrusion, high speed extrusion, impact extrusion (ultra high extrusion)

According to the type of mold or mold structure: flat die extrusion, mold extrusion, split die extrusion, with perforation, needle extrusion

According to the type of equipment: vertical extrusion horizontal extrusion, continuous extrusion