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High-end industrial aluminum industry must find new developments


high-end aluminum net aluminum industry in the process of high-speed train travel has played an important role in the "7.23" EMU after the accident, the already excess capacity and high-speed rail aluminum rail transport demand for rapid cooling.

With China's high-speed rail era, kilometers per hour high-speed rail is becoming increasingly popular, greatly facilitate people's travel.
It is understood, is generally believed that the maximum train speed of 200 km per hour over the railway, it can be called high-speed rail. Since 2007, China opened the EMU in the 200-250 km per hour between the high-speed intercity trains and even reached the 300 - km per hour. So, a high-speed high-speed rail trains secret where? Trains and high-speed rail What is the difference between the train? I am afraid that few people know, the high-end aluminum industry in the process of high-speed train travel has played an important role, is a high-speed rail era unsung heroes.
Industrial aluminum: the best partner for high-speed rail cars
The high speed train is a systematic project, which contains many of the technical conditions and methods, and railway trains lightweight high-speed train is overloaded to achieve an important way, that other conditions being equal, the lighter weight of the train speed faster. Lightweight aluminum is undoubtedly the best material, as early as the 1950s, some of the world's more developed countries began to use aluminum to manufacture rail cars, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany and France.
From the properties of the materials to analyze, compare the density of aluminum and steel and strength, we know that aluminum is really high-speed rail car's running mate. The density of aluminum is about one-third of the density of steel, so the same size, then the weight of aluminum is one-third the weight of steel.
To high-speed rail, for example, according to China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Aluminum Branch, deputy director of Lang exhibition, due to the properties of the materials and welding of the modern, high-speed train km per hour to use aluminum alloy, 350 km above the train cars In addition to all but the chassis using aluminum. A high-speed rail cars used about 10 tons of aluminum, so that the weight of the car than the less than half of all use steel. Extensive use of aluminum high-speed rail car material, can effectively reduce the weight of the train, resulting in better traction, thereby enhancing the speed and energy saving can achieve too.
In intensity, the intensity of pure aluminum is very low, but add a certain element in the formation of alloys with high strength, its "specific strength" (strength and weight ratio) than a lot of steel, an ideal structural material. High-strength aluminum alloy tensile strength greater than 480 MPa, fully meet the intensity of high-speed rail train car standards. While aluminum plastic, can be processed into a variety of profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry.
Aluminum has a variety of categories for high-speed rail cars are mostly 6000 series aluminum, magnesium and its alloys are two elements of silicon, a silicon-aluminum-magnesium alloy.
As the aluminum industry has a light weight, excellent shape, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, renewable and less polluting, low maintenance costs of a variety of benefits to stand out in many materials, high-speed rail has become a favorite. Aluminum alloy on the inside of the large-scale use in making high-speed rail trains greatly reduce the weight for the high speed train made an important contribution.
High-speed rail era of high-end surge in demand for aluminum industry
Since large-scale development in China in recent years, high-speed rail, high-speed rail cars for a great demand for aluminum. However, the production of aluminum rail body of the technical requirements is very high, although the application of this technology in the international community over 30 years of history, but the process is complex and difficult to control the production process, the world's only four or five countries to production.
Four or five years ago, China's rail transportation aluminum body is almost entirely dependent on imports, the highest price per ton of imported aluminum body reached 13 million yuan, nearly 10 times the price of aluminum ingot.
Through the efforts of Chinese enterprises, China's high in iron and aluminum rail transport has been basically achieved domestically, out of dependence on imports. Now many domestic enterprises have achieved technical aluminum production capacity, such as in Shandong Aluminum jungle, Jilin Midas Aluminum, Liaoning Zhongwang Group, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum, Aluminum and Hunan Sheng Li Yuen Tong Aluminum and so on high iron and aluminum rail with the production line, annual production of high iron and aluminum rail with close to 5 million tons.
In recent years China's railways continue to speed, speed over 200 km of high-speed rail is becoming increasingly popular, high-speed rail construction Railways ambitious plans to let high-end surge in demand for aluminum industry, aluminum companies to stimulate the individual to be launched one after another high-speed rail aluminum car manufacturing project. And because the subway and urban light rail cars are also large-scale use of aluminum, the rapid development of urban rail transit industry is also growing demand for making aluminum.
To the end of October 2010, China has put into operation high-speed rail network length of 7431 km, the length of ranking first in the world, and in a further increase to 2012 km, including the new high-speed connection speed of 200-250 km and the train upgrading of existing tracks.
By 2020, China plans to build "four vertical and four horizontal" inter-city passenger transport system, Passenger ten thousand kilometers or more. Meanwhile, the Chinese city rail mileage in 2015 is expected to reach 2100 km in 2020 is expected to reach 3000-3500 km.
Rail vehicle car body are aluminum and stainless steel car two. China is divided into high-speed EMU CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5 four types, in addition to CRH1 type stainless steel body is used, the remaining three EMU are aluminum alloy body materials, so our current high-speed rail vehicles are on the basic aluminum car.
2009 production of our high-speed rail trains a total of 1192; the total number of 2012 car production will increase to 2400; subway cars produced in 2009 a total of 2628, of which a total of 1799 aluminum car; car production in 2012 is expected to total of 2800, the total number of cars which were 2000 aluminum.
Mostly foreign-made equipment
Huge potential to stimulate demand for aluminum processing and manufacturing enterprises, whether large-scale state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, have launched high-end industrial aluminum production lines in an attempt to iron and development of rail transport of this round to grab a slice tide.
However, there is a noteworthy phenomenon is that although high-speed rail and rail vehicles basically made of aluminum, but these are basically production equipment manufacturers or foreign brands. Industrial production equipment including aluminum extrusion lines and auxiliary lines, the current main extruder SMS in Germany and Japan, Ube, guides, mainly in Italy and the United States Glencoe test Maituo. Although domestic production is not without equipment, such as the 2006 launched in Shandong Aluminum extrusion line jungle is developed by the Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute, but the jungle is now mainly used for the auxiliary line test Maituo equipment.
In general, foreign production line technology is more mature, stable, prices are more expensive, large-scale state-owned enterprises mainly use foreign production lines, especially the more than 5,000 tons of large-scale line, automatic line domestic basic to do. Although the domestic production line can basically meet the requirements, the price is cheaper, but more troublesome to maintain, life is not as foreign, private enterprises due to insufficient funds, and more use of domestic brands of equipment. Overall, the mainstream of industrial aluminum production line or foreign brands. So as to ensure the production out of the aluminum material with a more reliable quality. Therefore, China's industrial aluminum to realize localization in the production equipment also need to strengthen the technological breakthroughs, to complete production lines in China.
Overcapacity problems worse
July 23, 2011, Wenzhou motor car rear-end accidents revealed the cause of China's rapid development of high-speed rail behind some of the problems. People aware of security is more important than speed, the Ministry of Railways announced on August 11 will adjust the train plan, the new high-speed rail operations due to lower initial rate, the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail to adjust from the 350 km to 300 km ; co Wu, Chang Ji, Qin Shen high speed rail and other adjustments by the 250 km to 200 km; mixed passenger and freight lines running both the EMU trains per hour to kilometers by the 200 km to adjust. Also decided to recall China North Vehicle Group 54 type EMUs for rectification.
A series of moves down, the rapid development of China's high-speed rail will be a significant effect on the demand for high-speed train will drop, high iron and aluminum rail transport demand certainly have dropped. Have been started to prepare for the production of this high-speed rail car companies with aluminum is not good news, some spent a lot of the price of industrial aluminum production line of private enterprises, especially miserable.
In fact, according to industry analysts, even without the impact of motor car accidents, China with high iron and aluminum rail is excess capacity, the domestic enterprises to target an air high-speed rail market is not rational. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing University professor, metal materials and processing expertise that left Tieyong, including moving cars and metros, the year 100,000 tons of aluminum body is enough, and the present construction of rail transportation in the country The total aluminum production capacity with about 30 million tons, far more than the current market demand, high-speed rail and rail transport of aluminum production capacity surplus is a foregone conclusion.
To balance production capacity, must continue to improve the quality of domestic aluminum material, rich in its variety of types, increase its value, expand the use of aluminum. Aluminum Branch of Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, according to Lang, director introduction, Industrial aluminum in the truck, cars, coal cars, and made large aircraft on the overpass has a wide range of applications, if improved facilities and technology, industrial aluminum production capacity not excessive.