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Hot black felt roll pbokevlar600°c felt roll 480°c Calm Industrial Felt
Hot black felt roll pbokevlar600°c felt roll 480°c Calm Industrial Felt
Yellow 480°C
100% Kevlar
Any length
Finished products Conveyor Roller
Kevlar felt roller
Initial table conveyor roller (high Temp)
480°C High temp.kevlar felt roller
Custom made
41 43 44 45 49 50 51 60-63 76 77 80-82 90 95 100-102 114 115 120 127
Any length
Hard type
No resin treatment/semi-resin/fully resin
Standard size
Custom made
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
Mostly use for use after fly cut and run out table(High temp Zone)
Packing way
1.Wrap with plastic film 2.Put in the carton
Shipping way
Lead time
About one week
Needle punched
Company Advantages
1. We are committed to enhancing our quality and market competitiveness constantly. we have established a long-term relationship with our customers through our quality products
2. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd.'s commitment is to provide innovative localized felt roll products that play an important role in global customers. Our ultra-high temperature seamless ring conveyor felt belt can withstand high temperature up to 600℃
3. As an felt tube system, Calm Industrial Felt is also inherently more sustainable than other seamless felt rollers technologies, enabling significant reductions in energy consumption. Depending upon the application, these felts are available in different level of hardness as low, medium and hard felts.
4. Apart from the advantage of black felt roll, our produced Kevlar felt roller has some unparalleled dominance. Available with us is an appropriately designed assortment of felts that are made use of in textile processing industries

The temperature of the profile will lower down to 450℃ when it is transferred about 10 meters to the run-out table,and at this stage the best material is Kevlar.High density is the key factor for good abrasion resistance ,morover,resin treatment is available on request for better abrasion resistance and longer service life.

High temp.resistance felt roller. Suitable for use after fly cut and run out tab1e.(High Temp Zone).Kevlar rollers are capable of withstanding operating

temperatures of up to 480˚ C /. High strength and superior abrasion resistance make this a preferred product for many extrusion conveying tables.

Calm-brand seamless felt roller series is specially developed for the customers who have a high requirment for surface.Advantages of Calm-brand roller:It resists to rasing,unevenness,scaling,aluminum pollution and other defects.With smooth surface,the product adopts advanced new technology and is more surable and cost-effective.It is especially suitable for the production of high-quality aluminum products with electrophoretic or polished surface.

Company Features
1. As a leading company, Calm Industrial Felt is specialized in producing felt roll. - Owing to the exquisite black felt roll, Calm Industrial Felt-made felt tube has a strong footing in the market.
2. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. has advanced computer-controlled machines and blameless checking equipment for seamless felt rollers production.
3. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. has won large market of Kevlar felt roller by virtue of solid technology foundation. - All Calm Industrial Felt staff keeps our clients in mind and does the utmost to satisfy customers. Inquire Now!
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