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How good of the PBO fiber of the PBO roller?


How good of the PBO fiber of the PBO roller?

PBO was created by the United States Air Force air dynamics research and development personnel, mainly by the United States Standford (Stanford) University Research Institute (SRI) has the basic patent polybenzole, the Dow Chemical Company (DOW) has the authority and the PBO industrial development, improve original monomer composition method the new technology has almost no isomeric by-products, the monomer yield progress, laid the foundation of the industrialization of.1990 Japan Japan spinning company purchased PBO patented technology.1991 by a Bardi Xu chemical fiber company announced PBO opened in Japan Japan fiber spinning company equipment from the Dow Chemical Company the PBO fiber, the strength and modulus of PPTA fiber at large fluctuation rise, two times.1994, Japan Japan textile company obtained a permit Bardi Xu chemical fiber company, a huge 3 billion yen built 400 tons / year PBO monomer And 180 tons of spinning production line, and started some mechanization production in the spring of 1995, 1998, the production capacity will reach 200 tons / year, the product name is Zylon. according to the Japanese spinning on Zylon development plan, in 2000 the production capacity will reach 380 tons, in 2003 reached 500 tons / year, in 2008 reached 1000 tons per year. Now Japan Japan is still spinning the world's only company to carry out the commercial production of PBO fiber company.

The table shows that the PBO fiber strength, modulus, heat resistance and flame resistance, especially PBO not only beyond the strength of the fiber steel fiber, carbon fiber and beyond. In addition, PBO fiber, impact resistance, resistance to conflict and scale stability were good, and the light and soft, is extreme ideal textile materials.

As of twenty-first Century PBO ultra functional fiber, has very excellent physical and mechanical function and chemical function, the strength and modulus of Kevlar fibers (Kevlar) 2 times and both aramid heat resistant and flame retardant function, and physical

 and chemical functions beyond so far in the leading position in the high function fiber category a Kevlar fiber. 1 mm diameter PBO filaments can lift 450 kg weight, its strength is 10 times more than steel fiber.

PBO fiber and resin matrix TIFSS progress, but too much will cause the coupling agent, coupling agent crosslinking layer is too thick, it will reduce the TIFSS. And the effect of plasma etching on the fiber surface in the primary role of coupling agent, the coupling agent constitutes graft crosslinking layer, the layer of fiber coupling agent can play a certain maintenance thus, PBO fiber decreased Sigma is not much.

The analysis shows that the technical conditions of the coupling agent associated with plasma modification is: A 187 coupling agent

 content is 2%, the low temperature argon plasma treatment time was 2 min, the pressure is 5Opa, power is 30W.

The coupling agent is selected, a A type 187 coupling agent on the development and progress of PBO fiber epoxy resin IFSS effect was the best, the best content of coupling agent 2%.

(1) when the A-187 content is 2%, the argon plasma treatment conditions were 2min, 30W, 50Pa, modified PBO fiber gamma IFSS arsenazo up to lO.44MPa, compared with only modified by coupling agent A-187 gamma IFSS rose 52%, compared with the original wire gamma IFSS progress of infiltrating 78%.PBO fiber has also been greatly improved.

(2) after PBO fiber followed the passage of time modified argon plasma with coupling agent, reduce the gamma IFSS is not obvious;

the contact angle increases the fluctuation is not obvious, the change tends to be stable, but also slightly decreased. Contact ar low temperature plasma coupling agent of PBO fiber attenuation effect is not obvious.


The primary characteristics of PBO fiber is good heat resistance, high strength and modulus, it is widely used. (1) can be used for the use of filament, tire, belt (belt), reinforcing material rubber hose and so on; reinforcing materials of all kinds of plastic and concrete; reinforcing components and composite materials of ballistic missile the fiber optic cable; protected film drawing and cables; electric wire, fiber headset wire and other flexible wire rope and cable tension; materials; heat resistant high temperature filter to filter the data; missile bullets and protective equipment, bullet proof vest, bulletproof helmet and high flying suit; 

tennis, rowing boats. Sports equipment; high grade loudspeaker vibration plate with modern data communication; aerospace 

information. (2) the use of short fiber and pulp, which can be used for reinforcing fiber materials and conflict gasket; all kinds of resin, plastic reinforced materials Material. (3) the yarn use, can be used for fire service; furnace clothing factory, clothing factory factory welding heat treatment of molten metal site maintenance service; cutting service, safety gloves and shoes; overalls, rider clothing; various sportswear and sports activities with Carrace pilots; clothes; and cut with. (4) the use of short fiber, mainly used for heat-resistant cushion mat aluminum extrusion processing for high temperature filtration; heat resistant filter material; thermal protection belt.

 We use the PBO fiber for our PBO roller/PBO conveyor belt/PBO felt belt for aluminum extrusion,with very good heat resistant!!