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How is the future goal?


As an enterprise over 15 years in the line of the industrial heat resistance felt,we have our goal and dream.We manufacture felt roller,felt conveyor belt,felt belt,felt pad etc with leading technology and top raw material which PBO from Toyobo and kevlar from Dupont,the quality bring good voice from our long term cooperation customer.In the past,we just do the domestic bussiness,and because of the experience for the service for domestic,and have more experience to make better quality.And we serve for some domestic famous aluminum extrusion factories,and thanks for the support for them below:(due to the space not enough can not show all)

For the next step,we plan to srevice more aluminum extrusion enterprise oversea,with 15 years experience we trust we are very professional to solve the heat resistance problems for them.Our PBO roller can resisted for temperature 600℃ for the run-out talbe,and PBO conveyor belt can be used for the pick up table and transmit to the first cooling table,and then the second table with our Kevalr conveyor belt and felt roller ,and nomex and polyester roller for the sizing table.Also we have felt pad and felt strip and some heat resistance products to supply.In order to annouce our service,we now try our best  rank in the google and some social media like linkedin,twitter,facebook,pinterest ,instagram,youtube.Hope more customer can find us for the service.

We would like to be the friend of the aluminum extrusion factories as a good service felt enterprise.