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Kevlar gloves for metal casting 37cm 3.5Grade Kevlar gloves Calm Industrial Felt Warranty
Kevlar gloves for metal casting 37cm 3.5Grade Kevlar gloves Calm Industrial Felt Warranty
Glove gloves
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Kevlar gloves
Working Temp
Mostly suitable for
metal extrusion,metal casting,glass hot working,industrial oven,industrial tunnel furnace ,industrial electric welding,metal smelt,ceramics producing,solar energy battery producing and other high temperature working enviroment.
Packing way
carton specification is 32cm*42cm*52cm,each one pack with Anti-ultraviolet light aluminum film,18 pairs pack in a carton.
Shipping way
Lead time
one week
Company Advantages
1. Calm Industrial Felt Kevlar gloves can Kevlar gloves for metal casting those perfect gloves for high temperature working environment that would be impossible with hand tools. The aging furnace felt can withstand temperature from 280°C to 180°C.
2. Our customers can send email or call us directly if any problem for our ballproof Kevlar gloves. We maintain strict quality procedure at the time of manufacturing the belts so that flawless range is only offered to our clients
3. Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd.’s training is developed at all levels of the organization with the objective of providing and maintaining the technical vitality of personnel and promoting a world class quality culture focused on error prevention. These materials possess a unique combination of characteristics including excellent resistance to prolonged high temperature exposure, excellent abrasion resistance and a smooth surface which does not scratch aluminum profiles

Style No.LengthColorHeat resistanceFlexibilityFinger shape
GP5237cmYellow5003.5GradeOne big thumb

Fabric and advantage:Kevlar on palm,back and wrist part(it is the raw material to make ballproof  and firefighter clothes and high class brake block),

heat resistance is 500,the reinforce part is Kevlar heat protection non woven cloth,the heat resistance meets the CE standard grade 4 of the European unit.;

with top heat resistance and cut proof,high flexibitility.

Packing:carton specification is 32cm*42cm*52cm,each one pack with Anti-ultraviolet light aluminum film,18 pairs pack in a carton.

Usage::metal extrusion,metal casting,glass hot working,industrial oven,industrial tunnel furnace ,industrial  electric welding,metal smelt,ceramics producing,

solar energy battery producing and other high temperature working enviroment.

Company Features
1. Romewas Not Built In A Day. Calm Industrial Felt Is Dedicated To Offer Professional Service And Competitive Prices For Calm Industrial Felt's Kevlar gloves, Kevlar gloves for metal casting, gloves for high temperature working environment. Get Price!
2. Rely on solar energy battery producing, Foshan Calm Industrial Felt Co. Ltd. aim to Kevlar gloves for metal casting. Call!
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