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Ministry of Commerce: if the United States insists on imposing 200 billion tariffs, the Chinese side will have to make the neces


The U.S. government will quickly announce that it will push for the measure to take effect after the US government concludes a hearing on China's proposed $200 billion tariff on goods worth $200 billion on Sept. 6 local time. China's Ministry of Commerce responded on September 6, saying that if the United States insists on doing so, China will take necessary countermeasures against any new tariff increases.


t a news conference today, the spokesman for China's Ministry of Commerce pointed out, "We have taken note of relevant reports. For some time now, the United States has seriously violated the rules of the World Trade Organization and continuously issued unilateral measures. The continued escalation of Sino-US trade frictions not only damages the interests of enterprises and consumers in China and the United States, but also the security of global value chains and industrial chains. If the US side disregards the opposition of the vast majority of enterprises in the consultation, If we insist on taking any new measures to impose tariffs on China, China will have to make necessary counter-measures. "


The Chinese side reiterates once again that any pressure measures are unreasonable and ineffective for China, he said. Trade war can not solve any problems, only equal and honest dialogue and consultation is the right choice to solve the trade friction between China and the United States.


Gao said that after the US side announced its intention to impose tariffs on China's imports of US $200 billion, on August 3, the Chinese side announced countermeasures to strengthen tariffs on imports of about US $60 billion from the United States, and the list of commodities has been announced. If the US side insists on its own course of action, the Chinese side will take the necessary countermeasures according to the US side's actions, and at the same time, it will pay close attention to the various effects brought about by this, and take effective measures to help Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises operating in China overcome their difficulties. The summit stressed that China is confident, capable and able to maintain the steady and healthy development of its economy.


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