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PBO fiber application


Heat resistant and flame retardant materials

Advantage of the characteristics of PBO fiber heat, it can be made into temperature over 350 ℃ heat pad and high-temperature roller. Made of PBO fiber high temperature filter bag and filter felt, high temperature for long-term use can still maintain high strength, high wear resistance. PBO fiber good flame retardancy, not burning, not shrinking from the flames and very soft, suitable for high performance fire suits, overalls, welding work clothes before furnace heat treatment at the scene of the molten metal in overalls and uniforms.

Enhancement and high strength material

PBOB fibre tensile strength and modulus of about Armoc twice (aramid fiber. Elastic modulus, in particular, as a linear polymer, considered the limit elastic modulus. Just in laymen molecular chain and gives the PBO fiber excellent heat resistance, heat resistance than Armoc fiber high temperature 100 ℃, is currently the most excellent comprehensive properties of a kind of organic fiber. Using the characteristics of PBO fiber high modulus, can be used for the increase of the optical fiber can decrease the diameter of the fiber optic cable, easy to install, and reduce the noise in the communication, can also be used as a low frequency amplification part of the speaker. Steel wire can be substituted in the field of rubber reinforcing, PBO fiber as tyre has been strong material, make the tyre lighter, help to energy conservation. PBO fiber can also be in a sealed gasket, tires, tape, conveyor belt, rubber hose and other rubber products, all kinds of resin, plastic, and high performance concrete aseismic cement components as reinforcements in the synchronous belt. PBO fiber can also do the electric hotline, cables, etc. Various kinds of soft wire reinforced fiber and ballistic missiles and enhanced composite components. Use of high strength and high modulus properties of PBO fiber, can be used for ropes and cable, optical fiber cable bearing high tensile material, tension of fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable protective film materials, cable bridge, Marine sports sailing canvas of the main cable and the boat race.

Sports goods

PBO fiber can be used as a cut of the protective clothing, safety gloves and safety shoes, overalls, riders, all kinds of sportswear and active sports equipment, pilot, cutting equipment, and other sports products. In badminton, tennis racket, golf clubs and fishing rods, and mountain biking, traffic jam brake, skis, the grip, helmets, parachute, sails, sports shoes, running shoes, and so on. Have sports goods company to develop sports bicycle spokes of the PBO fiber reinforced composites and tennis rackets. In addition, built applications have also been in the boat race.

Ballistic impact resistant material

In the field of fiber for plastic, because the demand is high bending rigidity, its general with carbon fiber reinforced material for the mainstream, but the type of carbon fiber reinforced resin composites is a problem is the low resistance to impact, resistance to impact of PBO fiber is much higher than that of carbon fiber and other fiber reinforced composite material, can absorb a large number of impact energy, the use of excellent shock resistance, used in bulletproof material, make the light-duty armor, can also be used for missile and bullets of protective gear, such as police body armor, bulletproof helmets and bulletproof vest.

Applications in aerospace and military

PBO fiber can be used in the field of aerospace rocket engine heat insulation, insulation, fuel tank, wiring, planets in space exploration balloons, etc. America to planetary exploration remote control device to Venus, the use of PBO balloon (built-in remote control device). Above the surface temperature of 460 ℃, Venus Venus of sulfuric acid in the cloud for - 10 ℃ temperature, that temperature, can use heat resistant chi ball only PBO film material. PBO fiber can also be used for ballistic missile, tactical missile and air used in the field of composite reinforced material, mainly used in military aircraft, spacecraft and missile, etc. The structure of the material, the Mars reconnaissance orbiter air bag applications, especially in reducing emission funds play an important role. In addition of PBO fiber has been widely used in a variety of weapons and equipment, to promote the weapons and equipment of lightweight, miniaturization and high performance China plays a vital role.