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What are high-temperature seamless conveyor belt with what features?


What are high-temperature seamless conveyor belt with what features?


1, for the low temperature of -70 , between the high temperature of 260 , with weather resistance, anti aging. By practice, such as in the case of high temperature of 250  were placed for 200 days, not the light intensity will not become low, and the component is not cut; put 120 hours at 350 , only about 0.6% of cut components in -180 C; ultra low temperature and can adhere to the original softness.

2, non stick Teflon conveyor belt: not easy adhesion any material. Easy to clean grease attached to its appearance, stain or other attachments; paste, resin, paint and other almost all the adhesive material can be simply eliminated;

3, chemical corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali, corrosion ability, aqua and various organic solvents.

4, Teflon conveyor belt scale stability (elongation coefficient is less than 5 per thousand), high strength. With outstanding mechanical properties.

5, resistance to twists and turns fatigue, can be used for smaller wheel diameter

6, drug resistant, non-toxic. It is resistant to all pharmaceutical products.

7, fire retardant

8, air permeability - conveyor belt permeability, reduce heat consumption, improve dry power

Scale of use:

1, anti sticking lining, gasket, cloth and conveyor belts; according to different thickness, for a variety of drying machine conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape.

2. Welding of plastic products, welding cloth for sealing, plastic sheets, film and heat sealing sheeting

3. Electrical insulation: insulating tape, base, spacer, gasket, lining. High frequency copper clad laminate

4, heat resistant cladding layer, laminated substrate, insulation bandage

5, microwave gasket, oven piece, food drying;

6, adhesive tape, handling stamp tablecloth, carpet adhesive curing conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, abrasive sheet curing type cloth.

7, pressure sensitive adhesive tape base cloth

8, the construction of roof membrane material: all kinds of sports venues, the station Pavilion shed, parasol, scene.

9, for all kinds of petrochemical pipeline anti-corrosion package, power plant waste gas desul furization

10, flexible compensator, conflict data, grinding wheel slice

11, special processing can be made "anti-static cloth"